Helping Hands Bikes For Kids 2020

Helping Hands is empowering young people in Edinburgh to transform their lives through physical activity and healthy, productive life choices. Our Bikes For Kids program removes barriers to cycling through collective action in the community.

Covid Response
Helping Hands decided to bring forward our 2020 Bikes For Kids program as part of our strategic Covid intervention. There is no better way for kids to stay physically active while socially distancing than cycling. Let our kids ride it out!

What We Do
We offer Free new bikes to underprivileged kids and bike education and cycling safety classes. Teaching young people how to ride safely and confidently in the city.

This year Helping Hands have topped 900 new bikes distributed to young people in working class communities across Edinburgh. Breaking down geographic, social and economic barriers. Encouraging Fitness, Freedom and Fun.

Align your company with our unique approach to community building. Helping Hands accepts no state funding of any kind. We are an all volunteer organisation. No salaries, no overheads. Just people in the community offering Solidarity Not Charity.
We’ll work closely with your business. Allowing you to tap into our energy, enthusiasm and success. Ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

Helping Hands relies on you to support our work.

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