Helping Hands response to the Covid-19 crisis has been considered, comprehensive and effective.

Helping Hands Co-Founder Jim Slaven

Our volunteers have been redeployed to provide a People’s Free Food Program. Every week we deliver thousands of free cooked meals and survival packs of non-perishable food and toiletries. These are distributed, neighbour to neighbour, right across Edinburgh.

Helping Hands take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. We have launched free online keep fit classes and mental health videos. Helping Hands are committed to supporting people’s physical and mental wellbeing during this crisis and beyond. Let’s stay active and look after ourselves.

Our Helping Hands Sports Club has launched a club on Strava App to allow people to stay active solo, together.
We need to follow the social distancing protocols but we can still encourage and support each other. Collective action is what Helping Hands is all about. Even during the lockdown.

Helping Hands have also launched a new partnership with Citizens Advice Edinburgh. With every Helping Hands food delivery comes an information card with the number of a special Covid Helpline and link to a call back service. We work hard to make sure everyone gets the best advice possible. These trained advisors will deliver that through the Covid hotline.

Plus our decision to bring forward our 2020 Helping Hands Bikes For Kids program. We have now delivered over 600 new bikes to kids in need throughout Edinburgh. During this public health crisis kids need to be supported in staying active and making healthy life choices. Giving a kid, who would otherwise go without, a new bike opens up great opportunities. For fun, fitness and freedom. Let our kids ride it out. Staying fit while socially distancing.

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