Helping Hands is not a charity. We believe in Solidarity. People helping other people. For this reason we have no staff. No salaries. No overheads. No state or corporate funding.
Helping Hands relies on people like you donating to help us help others.

Bank Account

Account Name: Edinburgh Helping Hands
Account Number: 00007277
Sort Code: 877003


Make a one off donation and support the work of Helping Hands. Let’s work together to create positive change. Click here to DONATE. Or use bank account details above.


Make a monthly donation and help us build a sustainable, all volunteer approach which offers solidarity and strategic interventions helping families most in need. Click here to SUBSCRIBE. Or use bank account details above.


A business with a social conscience? Get in touch with a grassroots group inspiring social change in Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities.

Sponsor our Helping Hands Edinburgh Marathon Team by clicking the poster below or via our bank details at top of the page.

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