The inaugural Edinburgh Mile planned for June 2020 has been postponed because of the Covid-19 crisis.
Instead we have our Edinburgh Mile Challenge.
Walk or Run One Mile.
Donate £5 to Helping Hands for food.
And nominate 5 people for the Edinburgh Mile Challenge.

Helping Hands believe in community and we believe in encouraging physical activity and healthy lives. Our Run Club has teams running the half and full Edinburgh marathon in 2020. We recognise the time and commitment that takes is not for everyone.
So we thought why don’t we have another run, a community run, that everyone can participate in?

So we will. The People’s Mile. The Edinburgh Mile.

The Run
The Edinburgh Mile is for everyone. The mile is an iconic distance. It represents opportunities for all. Whether you are a competitive runner or a social runner or a first time runner. Irrespective of your fitness levels or experience, the Edinburgh Mile is for you.
On the day we will have specific runs for Over 40s, Open Field and Kids/Parents. Registered participants can choose the one for them. Or run them all!

Edinburgh City Centre. Helping Hands are all about breaking down barriers. Social, economic and geographic. Edinburgh is a world famous destination city. People travel here from all over the globe to visit or to make it their home. It belongs to all of us. All of it.
As part of the Edinburgh Mile project we will be working with partners to encourage kids from the peripheral housing schemes to come into their city centre and participate in this community run. Encouraging physical exercise, healthy lives and enjoying the public spaces in our city centre!
Route details announced in due course.

The Day
Like everything Helping Hands does the Edinburgh Mile is all about community and creating opportunities. The day of the run will be packed with fun and entertainment for all the family.

As with all Helping Hands events all kids go Free. But registration for will be required for all. Full details of the event and what you get for your registration fee will be announced when registration opens in early 2021.
But a Helping Hands swag bag packed with goodies is guaranteed!

Helping Hands is an all volunteer organisation. We rely on volunteers to make all our events a success. Play your part. Register with our volunteer team now.

Does your business have a social conscience? Take your responsibilities to Edinburgh’s citizens seriously?
Get in touch about working in partnership with Helping Hands and discuss various sponsorship opportunities involved with the Edinburgh Mile.

Dame Kelly Homes Backs the Edinburgh Mile

“I am inspired by this community project which is helping kids get into running”
-Dame Kelly Holmes

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